Jacob 6:2 And the day that he shall set his hand again the second time to recover his people, is the day, yea, even the last time, that the servants of the Lord shall go forth in his power, to nourish and prune his vineyard; and after that the end soon cometh.

Cutest video ever!

Cutest video ever...At the very beginning you hear Elder Morgan tell the kids to go find a chameleon (the Malagasy are afraid of chameleons because they think they’re poisonous so it’s always a big deal when the missionaries touch them). Taylor then tells the kids to smile “ Tsiky tsiky tsara”. That cute little boy in the front left is asking, “Is it a picture? Who? Who? Who?” And you hear Taylor tell him it’s a video.

More cute kids!

Ha, when I was talking to all the kids, we were just naming a ton of different "laoka" that they like. Laoka is toppings for rice, they have a ton of kinds, so we were just naming a bunch.

Stories, Comments?

If any of you have received any letters or great stories from Taylor and would like to share it, we'd love to have it and post it here. When Taylor is done we are going to make this blog into a book for him. So we would love to have any additional stories that he may send to you. Just email them to moultonfamily1@msn.com. THANKS!!

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Letters from Elder Moulton:

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Unexpected in Mada...

This week went by super fast. November is the month that everyone celebrates their dead ancestors by digging up their graves and going out for big family parties, so a few people have fallen off the map for a while, but they'll be back soon enough.

The biggest event in my life right now is our prep for next p-day. We're celebrating thanksgiving on monday so we can have a whole day for it. Should be just as good as last year. Turkey slaughter with swords. That'll be next week.

I can't think of any stories from this week. Life is still the exact same. We find little things to get stoked about though. Like making lunch at home instead of eating at a hotely, or blasting an intrumental version of O Holy Night in the house. That's stuff missionaries learn to get stoked about.

Yeah I heard about the typhoon in the Philippines, way sad. We've been lucky to not have many big storms. One earlier this year, then one last year. Never in places I've been working though, usually down south.

That's way sick that Ben and Trevor are working together, ha, I gotta email those guys. I'm crossing my fingers to head down to where Lane is at in a few weeks. We'll see, it's kind of a long shot, but it'd be dope.

Hopefully I have a nice cyber for christmas. The cyber we have here is SO nice, but I'm pretty sure I'll be somewhere new.

I got a bunch of pictures up again, thanks for writing! Love you


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