Jacob 6:2 And the day that he shall set his hand again the second time to recover his people, is the day, yea, even the last time, that the servants of the Lord shall go forth in his power, to nourish and prune his vineyard; and after that the end soon cometh.

Cutest video ever!

Cutest video ever...At the very beginning you hear Elder Morgan tell the kids to go find a chameleon (the Malagasy are afraid of chameleons because they think they’re poisonous so it’s always a big deal when the missionaries touch them). Taylor then tells the kids to smile “ Tsiky tsiky tsara”. That cute little boy in the front left is asking, “Is it a picture? Who? Who? Who?” And you hear Taylor tell him it’s a video.

More cute kids!

Ha, when I was talking to all the kids, we were just naming a ton of different "laoka" that they like. Laoka is toppings for rice, they have a ton of kinds, so we were just naming a bunch.

Stories, Comments?

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Letters from Elder Moulton:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Awesome splits and Thanksgiving-Madagascar style!

Alrighty, transfer news came. No changes. Not gonna lie, everyone was pretty shocked. We had 9 elders finish the training program, and for some reason, no changes.

But anyway, the weekly news. I had a sick experience earlier this week.

On Tuesday, I went on splits with Hamm. It was my first time every being the senior comp, even though it was just a split. I was pretty nervous, because I wasn't gonna have anyone to help me out if I got confused or couldn't understand. Me and Hamm are buds though, I told him that if he didn't understand, I probably wouldn't either ha.

We went out to our first time, it was a new investigator. So we did a get to know her and told her about what we do, and just my luck, she had a ton of questions. I know for a fact that God was helping me out, because my understanding was way better that day than I feel like it usually is. I was able to answer random questions she had right off the bat about life after death, spirit world, etc. The same thing happened in our next lessons. On the way home, a guy asked about the church and I was able to have a conversation with him for like 20 minutes about a bunch of stuff he was curious about. I was so freaking stoked, I never get a chance to talk to people like that.

I've been praying like crazy ever since I got here for understanding and confidence. I definitely got it that day. And on the way home, some people tried selling us some stuff, and we ended up talking about what we do here, ha, the conversation always ends up there, that's what happens when you're the only white guys for miles. And the lady was like, "You've only been here for three months? You know Malagasy so well, and you guys aren't like other white people, you aren't stuck up and don't get mad at us when we ask questions." Ah man, it was such a good day, I definitely got my valim-bavaka on Tuesday.

Some recent converts in Manjaka

In other news, the turkey slaughter for Thanksgiving was a raging success. I won't upload the video.. ha, it's extremely graphic. But the edited version. We had a turkey, and somehow he lost his head in a field. Weird. The group went from the missionaries watching, to like 20 more Malagasies all standing around laughing haha. One of them asked for the head, and we gave it to him. He started tearing all the feathers out and walking away, stoked out of his mind to eat it.

We celebrated the slaughter by getting Nutella shakes again. I'll upload a picture. I am addicted to those things. The next day, Thanksgiving, we all gathered at the Ankorondrano house for the feast, and we went around saying what we're most grateful for. I had 3 things. First, the fact that I get to email home every week, it seriously keeps me going through the week. Second, the fact that pretty much all of my bois from back home are out on missions right now, I've got the coolest group of friends ever. Third, I obviously had to give my shout out to Taylor Swift.

Mitchell's Thanksgiving breakdown

On another note, one of our most diligent investigators, Ernestine, had to move for work. Really big bummer, she was just weeks from getting baptized. All we could do was tell her to try to find a church close by and talk to missionaries there, because we couldn't find any missionaries that we knew of that worked in the town she's moving to. It's a bummer, but she's way diligent, God isn't gonna let her just drop of the map that close to baptism. Someone will find her.

I have lots of other stories about our sick investigators, but it would take forever to write, and forever for you to read ha. But as a whole, our investigators are all doing really well, progressing well. And I hope to see a baptism in the next month!

I'll talk to you all soon!


Here are a few random pics to enjoy:

Got locked out of the house..

Some kids gave us a few baby chameleons, we got some pictures then let them go.

I continually walk into my room and find my bed like this. Me and Taylor have a rivalry.

My Revenge!

Happy Turtlenog 2012 from Madagascar. Looking forward to the Turtlenog Revival 2014!

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