Jacob 6:2 And the day that he shall set his hand again the second time to recover his people, is the day, yea, even the last time, that the servants of the Lord shall go forth in his power, to nourish and prune his vineyard; and after that the end soon cometh.

Cutest video ever!

Cutest video ever...At the very beginning you hear Elder Morgan tell the kids to go find a chameleon (the Malagasy are afraid of chameleons because they think they’re poisonous so it’s always a big deal when the missionaries touch them). Taylor then tells the kids to smile “ Tsiky tsiky tsara”. That cute little boy in the front left is asking, “Is it a picture? Who? Who? Who?” And you hear Taylor tell him it’s a video.

More cute kids!

Ha, when I was talking to all the kids, we were just naming a ton of different "laoka" that they like. Laoka is toppings for rice, they have a ton of kinds, so we were just naming a bunch.

Stories, Comments?

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Letters from Elder Moulton:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Random happenings in Mada

I didn't even remember that General Conference was this past week until yesterday. I'm pretty excited to see it here in a few weeks. Anything that kind of changes up the schedule every now and then is worth looking forward too. Pretty nuts that I've already been here in Toamasina for about 5 months, it's gone way fast. I'm down to stay here for another 5, but we'll see.

Rainy season is starting to come back, I kind of feel like it just ended, but it's coming back. We had 3 straight days of rain. Soaked within a few minutes, even with all the rain gear. It can't be stopped. The best part was that Elder Mumford left his jacket in Tana, haha. It wasn't too funny for him, but I laughed because the same thing happened to me last year.

Elections are coming up on the 25th. It's about time. I got someone to give me a propaganda t-shirt to take home. We'll see what happens, it's supposed to be crazy, but we'll see.

Yeah, I know Roger in Tana. I've met him a million times, that's cool his family has a story in the ensign, for sure send me a copy of that. Atta boy representing Mada.

When did Britt head out East? That's news to me.

As far as Christmas, don't worry about decorations or anything. You know I'm always good with food. Just little treats. Skittles, starbursts, jelly beans, chocolate jazz. They never get old. Just purely candy will keep me happy.

But hey, I ran into some RM's that served here this past week. They came back to visit friends and see more of the sights here. I REALLY want to come back here sometime after the mission. I'd take the dirtiest, cheapest tickets I could get. Plus the places they are staying are only like 5 bucks a night, or I have had a ton of people tell me I can crash with them whenever I want.

Love you Mom, have a good week at Orem High, tell Rep I say whats up. Tell him I still expect to see him at Turtlenog next year.

Check out the pics & video I sent to ya. 
Love ya!
at silla's 9th birthday thing. we didn't really celebrate, we just ate some mangahazo and had some popsicles

faneva and meva

meva lost some teeth

piggy back on elder morley

posiposy bumper sticker things are funny

godrogodro and hot milk

horrible runny nose, i stuffed tissue up my nose so i could stop sniffing every 2 seconds

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